Surface House


Surface House is a new, British print design business for luxury wallpaper and designer home accessories. Our wallpaper and fabric prints each have a unique story and intricate detail. Designed to adorn beautiful, contemporary interiors.

Each design is meticulously created. Starting as hand drawn artwork that explores themes of hidden beauty, intricate placement and coincidence. Drawings are developed and carefully crafted into surface pattern for wallpaper, cushions and lampshades.

All of our wallpaper and fabric is printed in the UK in small batches, to the highest standards.

The lampshades and cushions are hand crafted in the Surface House studio, with care, passion and attention to detail.



The Founder


Laura Hart the founder graduated with a BA Honours Degree in Printed Textiles and Surface Design.

She first established herself within the design industry, in collaboration with Tektura Wallcoverings. In an exhibition to represent Global Colour Research at The Interiors UK show, 2013. This was completed whilst at University and was a very valuable experience. To be able to meet face to face with design professionals, to talk about your work and present yourself as a designer in any situation is invaluable.

She designed unique wallpaper for Tektura Wallcoverings following this. With a design collection inspired by industrial architecture.


Surface House was founded by Laura, in 2016 as her own business venture. To create unique, luxury wallpaper and designer home accessories for contemporary, innovative interiors. To fully explore her own design interests and abilities and to make her work available to the public.

Laura is obsessed with hidden beauty, unique placement and coincidence in design. There is an interesting story behind each design in the Surface House collections, in the process of drawing, the unique materials used or and unexpected details that invoke a sense of intrigue.


“Design should be more than a space filler. The way in which colour interacts with its surroundings is an evocative and beautiful thing. Especially when the print can be a material space for the mind to wander.”                                      Laura.



Bespoke Wallpaper and Designer Home Accessories

Surface House is an independent print studio, believing in, and practicing the highest standards of service, quality and personal dedication.

We can create bespoke variations of any of our designer wallpaper and fabric prints. Including colour matching, changing the scale or style of a design to suit a current trend.

We can also create completely original artwork based on your theme or concept for your home interior or business. You may have a few ideas about the sort of design style or elements you want, but are unable to find the perfect piece for your space. We can work with you to create the perfect design, for wallpaper, or for an unusual surface application. Of course, we can also tailor a collection of designer home accessories or furnishings to your specific needs.

Please contact us to discuss your ideas. We will be very happy to help and to advise.