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Surface House design and produce luxury wallpaper to adorn beautiful interiors.
Our hand drawn designs are inspired by whimsical, imaginative worlds but also by a love of clean, simple and elegant design. Your interior deserves decor of the highest quality which is why our original designs are printed onto luxurious matte coated wallpaper. Only water based and environmentally kind latex inks are used.
The wallpaper is sealed with a beautiful and very fine layer of matte coating. This is applied and sealed at high temperatures to perfect the wallpaper and to give it more durability.
The matte coated surface of the wallpaper is spongeable, so it is suitable for all rooms of your interior.
Our matte coated wallpaper retains all of the soft and elegant aesthetics of uncoated wallpaper with a beautiful matte finish. It also has a longer life and is more durable than uncoated wallpaper.
Our non-woven wallpapers are paste the wall application. This reduces the time spent decorating and makes the process easier. When applying the wallpaper, the paste is applied directly to the wall therefore there is no need to allow for wallpaper soaking time.



Surface House wallpapers and fabric prints have a unique personality and energy – each design is meticulously created. Starting as hand drawn artwork that explores themes of hidden beauty, intricate placement and coincidence, the drawings are developed and carefully crafted into surface pattern that is designed to adorn powerful and individual interior spaces.
Our printers have outstanding ability and technology to colour match to fabrics and other surfaces. This gives you the ability to create a bespoke wallpaper, tailored to your exact colour theme. Find out more about how a bespoke design project could be exactly what you have been looking for.
Surface House are embracing changes in technology to give you the opportunity to create wallpaper for your interior that no one else in the world will have.
Celebrate your unique personality through print design and to bring a sophisticated and exuberant style to your interior.