In 2016, Surface House was created as a new luxury interiors label. Devoted to creating memorable surface design that is inspired by more than just trends alone.

Designs are meticulously created by hand with the intention to adorn powerful and beautiful interiors. No half measures are taken in the design creation and production. Surface House set exceptionally high standards and offer you not only wallpaper, but the knowledge that hours of thought and craftsmanship have gone into every element of your finished product.

Every Surface House creation is proudly printed and produced in the UK, to the highest standards using the most advanced print presses and the finest quality papers and fabrics.

Why Surface House?

We take pride in offering a personal and dedicated service to you. Every customer is extremely valuable to us and we are always on hand to answer your questions, to make sure that you are happy and to ensure that every part of the process goes perfectly for you.

Surface House create designer goods that help you to showcase and celebrate your unique personality and interests through print design and bring a sophisticated and exuberant style to your interior.

The Creation Story

Surface House was founded by British design graduate, Laura Hart.

Laura is obsessed with capturing the essence of intrigue in design. The feeling when something draws you in, makes you want to look closer, to touch, comment, or to ask questions.

To be able to create something that gives people the desire to stop and look closer, is a magical feeling.

Laura wanted to create a brand that was inspired by more than trends, one that challenges todays throwaway attitude. A brand that inspires people to become more invested in their purchase choices and stands to encapsulate and share a unique perspective of the design world.

That brand is Surface House and we welcome you to our journey.

“Design should be more than a space filler. The way in which colour interacts with its surroundings is an evocative and beautiful thing. Especially when the print can be a material space for the mind to wander.”                                      Laura. 

Bespoke Wallpaper and Designer Home Accessories

Surface House is an independent print studio, believing in, and practicing the highest standards of service, quality and personal dedication.

We can create bespoke variations of any of our designer wallpaper and fabric prints. Including colour matching, changing the scale or style of a design to suit a current trend.

We can also create completely original artwork based on your theme or concept for your home interior or business. You may have a few ideas about the sort of design style or elements you want, but are unable to find the perfect piece for your space. We can work with you to create the perfect design, for wallpaper, or for an unusual surface application.

Of course, we can also alter elements of any design from our current collection of designer home accessories or furnishings to your specific needs.

Please contact us and let us know your ideas or thoughts, we are always on hand to help you out.

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