Affiliate Programme Terms of Service



Your participation in the Surface House Affiliate Programme requires acceptance by us when you apply.
Your website/blog will be reviewed by the team at Surface House to ensure it will represent the brands best interests.

On application, you are required to provide details of your website to us so that it can be reviewed.
We will not accept applicants to the programme if a website URL is not provided.

If you are successful, we may contact you or terminate your participation in the programme if your promotion of Surface House is defamatory or devalues the brand.


Use of Links

You can promote the Surface House website through the use of unique affiliate referral links, buttons or banner advertisements.
You are permitted to promote our products in any manner you wish, as long as the content is not spammy. (Such examples include an unrealistic amount of ads/mentions on a single page or the use of pop ups.)



The commission rate starts at 10% and increases permanently to 15% once £1000 of sales have been made via your referral.

We may introduce further commissions or increased rate of commission for specific products from time to time. Participants will be notified of such promotions via email.

On rare occasions, the rate is subject to change and 30 days notice will be provided of this.


Relationship of Parties

You are not permitted to speak on behalf of Surface House. Any customer enquiries must be directed to us.


Confidential Information

On occasion, Surface House may contact you to provide information on future product launches and special offers.

This information must be held in the strictest of confidence. Giving anyone future knowledge of such promotions or product launches will be classed as a breach of this confidentiality agreement.


Terms of this Agreement

The terms of this agreement begin on your acceptance into the Surface House Affiliate Programme and will end when terminated by either party.

Notice via email is considered sufficient to terminate this agreement by either party.

If you violate the terms of this agreement, you may not be eligible to receive commission payments that are due.