Calculate Wallpaper Rolls Needed – Minus Area For Windows And Doors

Calculate how much wallpaper you will need by first finding out the surface area of your doors and windows.

Follow these simple steps to calculate wallpaper rolls needed, if your wall has a window or door.


First calculate the total surface area of your wall.

1. Measure the width and height of the wall in your chosen unit of measurement. (We use metres in this tutorial.)

2. Multiply wall width and height together =  _ m²  (Surface area of the wall.)

3. Repeat the steps for each consecutive wall that you wish to apply wallpaper to.

4. Add each figure together to get: ‘Total Wall Surface Area m²’

How to calculate wallpaper needed. First calculate the surface area of the wall. Luxury wallpaper by Surface House


Secondly, calculate the surface area of your windows and doors.

1. Follow the same steps as before, multiplying the width of the window / door by the height to get the surface area in m².

2. Repeat for each window / door and add every the area of every surface together.

3. You should have a total surface area for all of your windows and doors in m².

Calculate how much wallpaper you will need by first finding out the surface area of your doors and windows.


Find total wallpaper area

1. Take the original surface area of the whole wall.

2. Subtract the surface area of the windows and doors surface area. (This will be m².)

Find out the surface area of the wallpapered area using our simple step tutorial. With infographic guide.


 How Many Rolls Of Wallpaper?

1. Divide the ‘Total Wallpaper Area’ by 5.2 (5.2 = m² coverage of one roll)

2. Round this number up the nearest whole number  i.e:  3.6 gets rounded to 4 rolls of wallpaper.

This is the minimum number of rolls you will need.

We always recommended that you order an extra roll of wallpaper than you need. This is to be certain you have enough wallpaper for trimming allowance and to account for any unexpected difficulties when hanging.

Many people store a roll of the wallpaper for potential future touch ups. Alternatively, any unused, unopened rolls of wallpaper may be returned.


Pattern Repeat

All of the wallpaper designs in the Surface House collection are a ‘straight match’. (See image below). Meaning the pattern matches at the same horizontal point on each strip of wallpaper; there is no ‘drop’ in the pattern.

This makes planning and applying the wallpaper easier for you and means that there is less wallpaper wastage overall.

Surface House uses Straight Match repeat, this means there is less wastage and the measuring and application processes are easier.

If you want to measure a wall with no windows or doors, check out our simple 6 step tutorial:

‘How Much Wallpaper Do I Need?’


We hope this simple tutorial was useful to you. If you need any assistance or advice please get in touch and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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      Brilliant! Thanks for commenting! We think sometimes people want to see a breakdown of how you arrive at the end figure of ‘number of rolls needed’.
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