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Crafting Luxury Cushions

Surface House Cushions – The Perfect Designer Accessory


Passion for quality, care and attention to detail is of upmost importance in crafting our luxury cushions, here in the Surface House studio. We think you may enjoy some construction shots and an insight to what goes into the creation of our cushions. Read on to see a detailed breakdown of how we craft our designer accessories.




The print design for Surface House cushions starts as design for wallpaper, we therefore have to reword the print design to suit the scale and shape of a cushion. 

 The Birds & Flowers print for example, had to be completely redesigned to suit a square cushion, otherwise the little birds would have not fitted into the print area. Our Birds & Flowers print adapted into square sections, you can see the straight cushion edges.


Birds and Flowers printed fabric for creating luxury cushions. Our cushions are handmade in our studio in the UK.
Birds and Flowers printed fabric, designed and created in the UK.


A neat square is cut out, along with an equal sized square of the wonderful Clarke & Clarke – Highlander fabric that we love to use for the backing of the cushions. It is soft and luxurious, so it really adds another layer of quality to the product.

We use a high quality, soft and luxurious fabric for the backing of our cushions made by Clarke and Clarke.
Clarke and Clarke Highlander Fabric Ready to use for the backing fabric of our cushions.

New thread collection, for crafting luxury cushions, in simple, beautiful colours.
High quality cotton sewing threads in white, gold, grey and black. Ready to make Surface House cushions.
Super excited about pretty new threads!



 The next step is to make the piping using a coordinating fabric, we use a 4mm washable cord which creates a fairly stiff, decorative border for the cushion, we love the 4mm piping because it is wide enough to balance well with the large cushion, but not too thick that it draws focus away from the print.

Making the piping is definitely the easiest part of the whole process! The coordinating fabric is cut into long strips at 4cm wide, the insertion of the cord and sewing it into a usable piping strip is all carefully completed in one step at the sewing machine.

The piping is then sewn neatly to the cushion front, all the way around the perimeter. The slits you can see in the piping strip below are there to create a natural curve on the corners.

Surface House luxury cushions are handmade in our studio in England. See detailed steps of the cushion creation process.
The piping is snipped at the corners to create a smooth curve for the cushion corner.


Piping is applied continuously around the whole perimeter of the cushion. The two ends of piping have to meet. (We match them in the same place each time, neatly tucked behind the Surface House label – more on that next). The join has to sewn very carefully to make the piping as seamless as possible. 


Crafting designer cushions, a step by step process. Create your own piping from a 5cm wide strip and attach to cushion front.
The piping ends meet and are very carefully sewn together.


The two outer sides of the piping fabric are sewn face together, ensuring that when pressed flat, the join will sit neatly against the cushion face and not be slack or pulling too tightly.


The two ends of white cord are sliced diagonally and butted together to become one continuous piece. Below is an image of what the join looks like inside before everything it sewn into place. The aim is for the join to be as discreet as possible and to get it in the same place on all of the cushions.

A step by step tutorial with images on how we create our luxury cushions. To show the amount of attention to detail and effort we put into each cushion.
The inside of the piping join. The Two ends of white cord are butted together.
Surface House guide to hand making a luxury cushion with piping and an invisible zip. Luxury cushion collection available to purchase at £65.00 each.
We aim to make the piping join as smooth and unnoticeable as possible.



Our sweet little Surface House label is cut out, pressed and sewn into the seam, ensuring it is level and visible from behind the piping.

Luxury handmade cushions. Fully piped, invisible zip and unique label, designed and made in the UK.
Our Surface House logo label is discreetly sewn into the perimeter.



The next step is to insert the invisible zip, which we iron first very lightly, on the lowest heat setting to open it out flat. This enables a closer stitch to the zipper teeth.


Attach the zipper face down onto the print. Meaning that when the cushion is complete and right side out, the zipper pull will face outwards.


A running stitch secures the zip loosely in place ready for stitching tightly and closely to the teeth. We try to sew very close to the zipper teeth for a neat finish without getting too close and hitting the teeth or causing the zip to get stuck on the fabric of course! A running stitch is used to secure in place ready for the second process of very neatly and firmly attaching the zip, sewing very closely to the teeth

Crafting out luxury handmade cushions. With floral and bird designs, to geometric contemporary cushions, browse designer home accessories.
A running stitch, used to hold the zipper in place read for the intricate stitches.


Designer handmade cushion covers, designed printed and created in the UK. Our story of making a cushion.
Extra care is taken to sew close enough to the zipper teeth for a neat finish.

We check to make sure that the zipper is free of fibres and that it glides across easily, then the other half of the zip is sewn onto the backing fabric using the same process.

Surface House create designer home accessories and co-ordinating wallpaper. Create a bold exciting interior look.
We test the zipper pull throughout the zip sewing process to ensure it pulls freely without catching on stitches.


We check to ensure that the zipper slides freely and that teeth become invisible when shut.


A blog post step by step guide to crafting out luxury cushions. We invite you into our designing and making process.
When the zip is closed, the teeth become invisible.

Sew Together

Next step is to sew the two sides of the cushion together, face to face. We use the existing stitch line (from attaching the piping) as a guideline and try to sew to the left of it, giving a clean, tight finish along the edges. No stitches or seam can show through when the cushion is turned right side out.

Designer unique cushions to accessories contemporary interiors. See the steps behind crafting each cushion by hand in out UK studio.
Turn the two outward facing cushion surfaces inside out.


Extra care is taken to ensure the zip sits neatly along the seam. The stitches at the two ends of the zip must be sewn and secured with enough strength to endure the zipper being pulled both ways and the cushion opening being pulled wide open to insert the large cushion pad.

Luxury handmade Surface House cushions. Filled with a heavy duck feather pad. Accessories your bed or sofa with designer soft furnishings.
We reinforce the stitching to ensure the zipper can withstand the cushion cover being opened wide to insert the duck feather pad.

Final Checks | Luxury Cushions

The whole perimeter of the cushion is sewn and it is turned inside out… first glimpse! This is to check that on all of the edges and especially the corners, that there are no stitches from the piping showing through.
Accessorise your living room, dining room or bedroom with Surface House luxury cushions. Printed and handmade in England UK.
The piping creates a smooth, elegant curve at the corners.


Quite often, we have to turn the cushion back inside out and add another line of stitching, closer to the piping cord in small areas. It is better to not sew close enough and to rectify later, than to sew too close and straight through the piping!

We turn the slip inside out, sew, and turn back right out again repeatedly until every edge is neat and equal.

Extra Support 

The next step is a little extra luxury we like to give our cushions. To achieve a neater finish and more zip stability.

Accessorise your contemporary interior, office space, or beautiful home with luxury designer furnishings like the Surface House handmade cushions.
Our cushions must feel and look luxurious. So we go the extra mile in design details.


We create long strips of fabric at 10cm wide. The unfinished edges are tucked inside and pressed to create a folded strip that can be placed along both sides of the inner zip edges.

It is essential to sew the white encasing strips neatly and carefully, to get close enough to the zipper teeth to cover the visible stitches below, but to avoid getting too close to the zipper teeth and sewing through them!!

This finishing border hides all of sewing work and gives the zip extra support to avoid pulling the fabric. It also looks much more beautiful inside the luxury cushions to see a neatly finished edge.

We do not apply the white cotton strip to every edge inside the cushion, this would cause a bulge in the corners especially, and not allow the cushion to sit naturally.
Pinking shears trim the the remaining sides neatly to avoid fraying fabric.

Finishing Touches

Clear the cushion of loose threads and fibres and turn it right side out. Gently press and fill with a heavy and high quality duck feather pad.

The filler pads are slightly larger than the cushion itself to make the finished product extra filled and firm. The feathers fluff up very well when shaken, giving the cushion a lasting newness.


Here it is! A finished Birds & Flowers, handmade cushion. Shop the luxury cushion collection here. We print our fabric in small batches in the UK, and can therefore create a bespoke variation of a design or colour to match your specific needs, please get in touch to discuss your ideas and we will let you know how we can help you. 

Luxury Handmade Birds Cushion, with blue background, delicate hand drawn white flowers and brightly colour birds. Perfect accessory for contemporary interior.


We hope you enjoyed this insight into the making of our cushions. 


Care and passion goes into making each cushion. We gift wrap each cushion before it leaves the studio. 


We offer free UK shipping on all of our products.


Our luxury cushions make excellent accent accessories for your home. They bring personality and a fresh burst of exciting colour along with a design story into the interior.


They also make perfect and unusual gifts for a home lover.


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