Abstract Wallpaper – Threshold Ink Drawings

A luxury hand painted ink blotch wallpaper design. A series of ornate ink hand paintings were created, each one totally unique. Selected areas were picked to become part of the final interweaving design.

The drawings were dissected and layered, to create a detailed lace effect. It was important to create the illusion of symmetry to give the design balance but not to be a mirror image. The central line in the design creates a reflection effect of the two halves of the print, but when you look closely, you realise that each side is completely different and each detail unique.

The Threshold design in Light has a very subtle colour palette of lilac, yellow and white. This gives a beautiful and luxurious finish, but allows the print to remain ‘barely there’ for a delicate yet detailed look.

This ornate paper will set the tone beautifully as a backdrop for your treasured possessions. The intricate layering of the original ink drawings creates movement and projects energy. A design that will complement a contemporary or traditional interior.