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Bedroom Wallpaper

Using Wallpaper in a Bedroom

The master bedroom or a guest bedroom are the rooms in the house that are least likely to get damaged, scuffed or wet. - So they are the perfect place to use wallpaper. Use a designer wallpaper to create the most beautiful backdrop for your bed. For the ultimate impact, you could wallpaper around the whole room. Depending on the pattern of the wallpaper, this could create a peaceful and tranquil environment to go to sleep in. Or a fun a quirky escape for someone who likes bright and bold design.

Best type of wallpaper for Bedrooms.

You really can choose any type of wallpaper for a bedroom as it is usually the room where the walls are touched least. This means that using an uncoated wallpaper or a grasscloth wallpaper would be suitable as well as different types of coated wallpapers. For a feminine and delicate ambience, you could use a pearlescent effect wallpaper. This type of coated wallpaper has a slightly shimmering effect.

What pattern to choose for bedroom wallpaper?

A bedroom is the perfect place for all kinds of elaborate wallpaper. It is one place that you do not have many guests see, (as apposed to the living room for example). The bedroom is also somewhere that doesn't always have to cater for so many types of furniture as other rooms of the house. Typically, the bedroom may have a bed, cabinets and wardrobe, dressing table and chair. There are not too many items of furniture to block out your beautiful wallpaper. Or to clash with the print. So go for a wallpaper that is bold, weird, wonderful and unique, just because you can. A wallpaper that creates a scene is an excellent choice, as it gives you something to look at whilst relaxing and lying in bed. A forest scene wallpaper, or a jungle scene wallpaper is a perfect choice.   By using a unique wallpaper in your bedroom you can incorporate birds, the jungle, flowers, trees, animals, still life, or literally any design into your room. We love the idea of using a surreal and whimsical wallpaper. One that lets you escape to a magical and mystical place in the wallpaper at the end of the day. Being surround by fantasy creatures or exotic animals, you can also wake up feeling inspired! For a guest room, using a wallpaper can quickly liven up the room in the house that often gets neglected. You don't need to buy many accessories of soft furnishings if you opt for a bold wallpaper with a unique pattern, you can bet they will be telling everyone about you wallpaper when they leave!