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Grey Wallpaper

Grey Wallpaper

The addition of grey wallpaper to any interior is always a lovely feature. Grey is such a popular colour for interiors at the moment and has been for some years. We don't see the popularity of grey going away any time soon.  Grey wallpaper as term can cover such a broad spectrum of designer wallpapers and budget wallpapers. If you are looking for something unique, you could find a designer wallpaper that your fall in love with and use only a small amount to create a luxurious feature in your home.  Grey is such a popular colour because it suits so many moods and styles. It can be bold and dominant or delicate and light. 

Grey wallpaper in bold interiors 

The wallpaper could either be the main bold feature in a room, or the happy medium between using very dark and very light colours. Grey goes with just about any colour. By keeping the walls grey, you have the ability to mix and match any type of furniture. The bright mustard or green coloured sofa you have had your eye on for so long would look amazing in a grey themed room. (More than it would in a pink or yellow room for example.)  

Grey Wallpaper in Calm Rooms

Choose a grey wallpaper with muted shades, or hints of pastel colours for a calming tranquil feel. Grey looks fabulous in natural light and if you choose a grey wallpaper with white in it too, you can make your room look bigger and more airy than by choosing a dark grey or other colour.  The perfect wallpaper for a relaxing living room or a nursery room - you can add a soft and feminine feel to a room, without having to use florals. By choosing a soft grey geometric wallpaper, you can create a balanced and pretty room whilst retaining a modern sleek look.   

Black and White for Interiors

Black is not usually a colour that is often used for paint, wallpaper and fabrics. There has been some popularity for it recently, having matte black walls, to create dramatic ambience. These rooms often have lots of delicate and pretty flowers to contrast against the dark walls.  The colour black has associations with opulence, glamour and prestigiousness. With a touch of mysteriousness too.  White has always been the starting point in interiors. Getting the balance of white right can make or break the style of a room. White is associated with purity, calmness and goodness. This is what makes it so beautiful when put next to black in an interior.  White wallpapers and black wallpapers are not the most popular, as the often feel like they are missing something. This is where grey comes in. By using black and white in different areas and then mixing them to get grey, it opens the door to so many more shades and pattern styles. 

Monochrome Palette 

Using a monochrome palette in interiors has become more common and on trend recently. However there is usually there is a highlight colour, like a pop of red or mustard yellow that appears in the furniture, accessories or wallpaper. Using grey for the wallpaper or the walls, is the perfect way to tie together the black and white and to create a softer, more inviting room that you want to live in.