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Hallway Wallpaper

Using wallpaper in the hallway.

The hallway of your home is the perfect place to make a wow statement. It is often the first room of the house people see when they visit your house. Therefore it is the perfect place to use a statement wallpaper.  The easiest type of wallpaper to use in a hallway is a geometric print. The repeats are often quite small, so can be fully appreciated, even when there isn't much surface area for the wallpaper. (If you have a small entrance hall with lots of doorways.) Another major benefit of geometric wallpaper in a hallway is that it goes with most types of flooring, whether you have a parquet flooring, carpet or victorian tiles. You can incorporate a bright a fresh geometric wallpaper with even intricately detailed tiled flooring. 

Wallpaper in large hallways.

If you are lucky enough to have a large hallway entrance hall in your home, you can create an incredible feature using wallpaper. Entrance hallways, especially when large, can feel like a big empty space that is purely functional. This makes sense, as you probably won't be sitting in this area or needing to accessorise it too much with furniture, as cupboards, chairs and tables can often be in the way.  By using an extravagant wallpaper in you large hallway, you can create a more inviting and homely area. Whether you prefer traditional and highly decorative design or modern simple design styles. 

Type of wallpaper to use in a hallway.

It would be most beneficial to use a coated wallpaper in your hallway. Coated wallpaper doesn't have to be shiny though, don't worry. There are now wallpapers available that are coated but the finish is matte, so you do not get the glare and reflections from the sunlight.  The reason coated wallpaper is the best wallpaper to use in hallways is that is can be easily cleaned. If any splashes get onto the wallpaper from coming inside from the rain, you will be able to wipe them off. (Much more effectively than with an uncoated wallpaper - which will mark easily.) Hallways are often places where deliveries are taken in, items of furniture are manoeuvred through the hallway to various room of the house and muddy boots are taken off here too! Its a busy and often neglected area of the home. But by using a durable wallpaper, you can transform the room into magazine style interior easily. By using a durable, coated wallpaper - you can relax in knowing that the wallpaper won't get damaged or scuffed easily. 

How to Style Hallway Wallpaper

The beauty of using wallpaper in a hallway is that you don't have to worry too much about the rest of the decor in the room. If you have a nice flooring, and skirting board. The wallpaper fills the walls with colour and life. If you have a table, add some fresh flowers, (or some quality fake ones!) A mirror always brightens things up too, the staircase is usually the other main feature in the hallway, so you won't need to worry too much about further decoration. Just let your amazing wallpapered wall do the talking and wow your guests!!