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Kitchen Wallpaper

Adding wallpaper to your kitchen is a fun and contemporary way to update the kitchen style. Kitchens can become a sea of plain colour with lots of cupboards and work top areas. Often there isn't much wall space left for any pattern or wall design. However, by adding wallpaper, you can transform even the smallest amount of wall space into a unique and interesting feature.  

Which wallpapers are suitable for kitchens?

Obviously kitchens can become hot and steamy places from time to time when you are cooking, so it is wise to think about what type of wallpaper would best suit your space.

For hot and wet areas.

If the space you are thinking about wallpapering is directly in a line of steam or heat, say above the kettle, toaster or near the oven, it could become damaged quickly if you do not choose the right products. For these areas, it is best to pick a coated wallpaper that blocks out moisture. If possible, a vinyl wallpaper would be even more suitable, as vinyl wallpapers have qualities that resemble plastic. They are extremely heavy duty and can withstand heat and moisture well. Likewise if the area you want to wallpaper is near the kitchen sink or near a work space that could get wet repeatedly. Use a good quality wallpaper that has a durable coating or opt fo a vinyl wallpaper. Choose the strongest and most heavy duty wallpaper paste to use in these areas so you have less chance of it peeling away from the wall in the future.  

For general kitchen areas.

This is where you have more freedom in the type of wallpaper that you can choose. We would still opt for a coated wallpaper. As they provide more protection from moisture and potential spillages. The coated surface of the wallpaper makes cleaning it much easier. you can simply wipe with a damp soft cloth and then dry.  

Which wallpapers not to use in kitchens.

We would advise against using an uncoated wallpaper in your kitchen. They feel beautiful and soft, but can be difficult to clean. If any scuffs or marks get onto the wallpaper, they can be near impossible to get off. All Surface House wallpapers have a matte coating, which gives you all of the benefits of using coated wallpaper. But it retains the softer visual qualities of uncoated paper thanks to the matte layer. Some coated wallpapers can look a little shiny, which distracts from the design itself.  

What Style of Wallpaper to use in Kitchens?

The choice is entirely yours, whatever makes you feel happy and excited. We know it can be difficult to decide on which style and design to choose when there are so many beautiful wallpapers. So here are some suggestions for kitchen wallpaper styles that would look transform your kitchen:
  • Green wallpaper with a geometric print. (There is nothing better than opening a fridge to see a sea of healthy green vegetables to inspire you to eat healthily.) Why not transfer this to your walls. Using a fresh green wallpaper makes your kitchen more enticing and helps you to think about lovely green foods. The geometric print helps to keep the decor inline with your modern kitchen.
  • Floral Wallpaper - Liven up any kitchen by bringing the outdoors inside.
  • Contemporary wallpaper - keep things modern and stylish for a beautiful kitchen. Choose a unique and quirky design to make your kitchen memorable!

How to use wallpaper in a kitchen.

The perfect way to use wallpaper in a kitchen is to put it about your breakfast bar if you have one. A cool and inspiring wallpaper in front of you whilst you eat breakfast is a much better way to start the day than staring at paint. If you have tired cupboards, you could cut the wallpaper to size, to fit into the cut out area of the cupboard. This is an unusual way to update you kitchen with wallpaper. You can use clear varnish to coat over the top of the wallpaper cupboard to protect the pattern and to make the cupboard useable.