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Living Room Wallpaper

Using Wallpaper in a living room is probably the most common place to use it. It is the room in the house that we relax in after a long day. For many people its the room that sees the most goings on, family events and life millstones. Thats why it is such an important decision which wallpaper to use in your living room! The space in the bottom half of the wall of a living room is often covered by furniture, unless you have a particularly large living room. So it is wise to think about wallpaper where the repeat can be seen and appreciated on only half a wall height. A living room is the perfect place to create a wallpaper feature. It is often the place where you entertain friends and family. When you have a stunning wallpaper in the room, there is always something to talk about.   Wallpaper can also elongate and add the impression of height to a room. Who doesn't want a bigger living room?

Wallpaper Patterns

There are a huge array of wallpaper styles that could transform a living room. Tropical Paradise - Take inspiration from the latest trends of jungle and tropical themed rooms. Use the brightly coloured wallpaper as a backdrop to create an atmospheric room decor. Floral Wallpaper - A good floral wallpaper will last for years and not go out of fashion. Invest in something you love and not just whats on trend. The result is you will love your living room design for years and years to come. Geometric Design Wallpaper - If you like sleek modern design, a geometric patterned wallpaper will look amazing in your room. A wallpaper can add focus and a unique quality to a room that paint doesn't. Striped Wallpaper - Another timeless classic, you could go for a modern and quirky style of striped wallpaper or a classic and timeless style. Toile de Jouy Wallpaper - This is a wallpaper trend that has had a resurrection in the last few years. With leading wallpaper designers exploring the idea of Toile wallpaper and how to reinvent it.

Unique Ways to Use Wallpaper

Applying wallpaper doesn't always have to just mean the walls anymore. There and someday different and unique ways of applying wallpaper. Including papering the ceiling or applying it to bookshelves or in alcoves. Wallpaper can be used to fill in the areas of wooden panelling, it looks beautiful and is actually really easy to do. By using wallpaper in an unconventional way, you don't need a lot of wallpaper, you might even be able to just buy a few metres. You may also fall in love with the wallpaper in the small area so much that you choose to paper a whole wall, or even the whole room.