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Modern & Contemporary Wallpaper

Modern Wallpaper

Modern wallpaper comes in a vast array of styles and finishes. It can be anything from a geometric print to a trompe loeil pattern. It is such an easy way to completely change the look of a room. Techniques and printing abilities have developed so much in the last few years that modern wallpaper is much less damaging to your walls now and can be changed after a few years if you change your mind. The print qualities have changed so much that the fine detail that can be achieved on the wallpaper is of an absolutely outstanding quality. Modern wallpaper can be used in any room of the house to brighten and add a new feature. Special areas for wallpaper include the hallway, living room and bedrooms. It enables you to create a themed room easily.

What is Contemporary Wallpaper?

It can also be referred to as contemporary wallpaper. The two ways of describing wallpaper are quite broad and cover a wide spectrum of styles, from floral to textured wallpapers. We call a wallpaper modern or contemporary when it has certain unique qualities. It can literally be any wallpaper as long as it has one or more of the following qualities;
  • It is a new concept in the world of wallpaper
  • It is modernising a traditional method of printing, such as with wooden blocks, screen printing or roller printing.
  • The wallpaper is reinventing a traditional style such as William Morris design - even if the design is old fashioned in style, the fact that it is reinventing an old style of wallpaper for a contemporary audience makes it modern.
Our favourite types of modern wallpaper are wallpapers that make you say 'wow' when you see them. For so long wallpaper was designed to blend in with the surroundings. However, contemporary wallpaper is often designed to be the feature wall for a room. To draw the eyes towards it and to make a statement about lifestyle, interests or personality. The modern collection of Surface House wallpaper is designed for you to create a unique and beautiful space in your interior. Whether its a dramatic feature wall, for the fireplace, or for brightening up alcoves. The wallpaper repeats vary from a large 1m repeating pattern in the Jungle design, to a much smaller 25cm pattern repeat, perfect for using in small areas like alcoves, or for a room where there isn't much wall space to see the wallpaper. As a result of using a smaller repeat, you can appreciate the full design, even in the tiniest of areas or rooms.