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Acrylic painting of forest tress. Close up detail of texture. Design for luxury forest scene wallpaper.

Want to know how we created our Forestry Design?


We invite you on a behind the scenes story. On how we achieved a trompe l’oeil unique textured effect for the unique forest scene wallpaper design.

Surface House are always talking about how much passion and care goes into creating our luxury print designs. But what exactly do we mean? 

We thought you may like to actually see what goes into our design work.

From the original thought processes, to creating the artwork, to exploring new design ideas, to creating the print and how we choose the colour variations.

The Forest Scene Wallpaper

Have you seen the rising surge in ‘forest’ themed wallpapers recently?

They are gorgeous, they add a luxury and welcoming look to your interior. Adding body and depth to a room, they are perfect for creating a bold feature wall or if you are feeling brave, using the print on multiple walls, even the whole room!


Create any interior look from one style of wallpaper:

From an atmospheric, dark and indulgent interior; using a dramatic forest scenery wallpaper for an impactful feature, complimented by luxurious fabrics and bold furniture choices.

To a minimalist, Scandinavian inspired, pared back, relaxation room. Where tranquility is key.


We don’t know about you, but we love the great outdoors… After walking through the Shropshire Hills numerous times, we decided to create a wallpaper print inspired by the great outdoors. Forests, woodland and all the senses associated with it. It had to be full of intrigue and drama, along with realistic ‘almost touchable’ texture.

We wanted out Forest wallpaper to be different from the rest. Not another mural style’ wallpaper. It had to be unique and evoke a sense of adventure.


Hand Painted

We sampled different drawing mediums, including pencils, pens and ink, but decided that painting was the way to achieve the right result. We used acyclic paint with a stiff brush, to create the desired ‘texture’ effect. Many interpretations of trees were painted, some stand alone and other like the collective below, grouped together. This gave a rich variety of material to choose from when constructing the actual design.

The main aim was to create depth and the effect of texture, to create an intriguing Trompe L’oiel effect (where a 2-dimensional surface appears to have depth and texture.)

The white acrylic paint, with hints of black created interesting tonal values to create the illusion of a soft feathered surface.

Below is a close up of some of the actual dimension of the paint.

We think this textured surface, (out of the context of a forest) resembles rocky mountains or an overview of a landscape… what do you think?


Piecing the Design Together

With a growing pile of sketches and paintings, it was time to start crafting the actual pattern design. Elements from each piece of artwork were carefully photographed or digitally scanned. (Whichever method worked best for the surface of the artwork.) The areas of tree imagery were cut out digitally and pieced together.

This can always be more of a challenge than expected. Differences in the tone and brightness, depth of texture and detail meant that some of the paintings just didn’t look right together.

Some of the artwork was manipulated to create a flow and smoothness to the overall look. We use Adobe Photoshop for editing our print designs, this also enables us to make layers of artwork more transparent and to create a depth within the design. Without overpowering the delicate details of the artwork or making the print to dark and overwhelming.


Forest Motif

With a formation of trees for the main motif, something was needed in the background. To only use trees layered upon trees was too dominating and the focus was lost. We decided instead to focus on a selection of prominent ones, to form a stand alone repeat motif to layer over and appropriate textured background.

The Image below shows a small section of the repeating motif before final editing. these trees are visible in the final design edit at the bottom of this post.


Texture and Background

Texture for the design background was created in a similar way to how the trees were painted. Except this time the focus was on creating unique details within the solid texture as apposed to create unique form for the trees.

Again, white and black acrylic was used to create a feathered look that resembles the texture of snowfall in a dense forest.

Paintings such as the one above were again photographed or scanned and digitally manipulated to create a faultless repeating texture pattern to become the background of the design.

The time and care taken at this stage is to ensure that the print has a fluidity to the direction and balance to the design. Nobody wants a design that looks like it is leaning to the left or right because of the areas of light and dark. Also, it is crucial to try to manipulate and disguise the joins between the separate pieces of artwork. If they were simply place next to each other, the joining lines would very obvious and messy.

Below is a snippet of the finished background texture. Designed to bring the whole print together, to create a bridge between the foreground tree details. We like to think it also reflects layers of snow falling on the high branches in a forest.

Finalising and Choosing Colour Variations

So here is a snippet of the finished Forestry Scene print. To finalise the design we first use Adobe Photoshop to analyse the design at different levels of zoom. This is to further inspect any problem areas within the repeat to ensure they are no longer a problem and to check that the repeats match up perfectly.


 Wallpaper Colour Variations

We decided on three base colour variations for the Forest print, one with golds, one blues and one greys. This covers a wide range of colour schemes and decor possibilities. Each colour variation has a unique feel, warm and cosy or neutral and cool.

Which one is your favourite?


 Gold Leaf Variation

 Rich Blue Variation

 Grey Tonal Variation


We hope you enjoyed this insight into how we created the Forest Scene wallpaper and fabric design. The images below show the wallpaper in situ, which design is your favourite?

Blue Tetrad Forestry Woodland trees wallpaper with a forest scene print. Acyclic painting with a textured effect. For unique homes.
Gold painted forest scene digitally printed cushion. Designed and handmade in the UK.



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